Sunday, July 13, 2014

Overview Videos of Humphrey's Smokers

Here are a few quick videos of a Humphrey’s Qube’d Box. These videos explain and show some of the characteristics of Humphrey’s Smokers. Please Enjoy!
Video #1
Video #1

Video #2
Video #2

Video #3
Video #3
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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Get more from your Charcoal.....

There’s always a debate going on over the type of charcoal to use, Lump vs Briquettes. Royal Oak, Cowboy, Humphrey’s, or Wicked Good. Regardless the type or brand name there is one thing in common. How to get the most out of your charcoal? Most BBQ masters will buy a cooker based on how long it takes to burn through a bag of charcoal. What if I told you that Humphrey’s BBQ came up with a tool to help the burn time of Charcoal Briquettes/Lump and Wood! Our T-Charcoal Maze will do the trick. These were specially designed with a few things in mind.

1. Burn Time
2. Loading in the most amount of Charcoal in your firebox
3. Being able to use different sources of Fuel
4. Will fit most any smoker fire box.
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Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm back!!!

I’ve been off the blog for a bit and wanted to share with you what we’ve been doing meanwhile. Last year we dedicated most of our time making your cooker look good! We have developed a way to strip them down to bare metal and give them a fresh coat of color using Powder Coat which is a baked on finish that is strong and durable. We have also designed and built a line of our own cookers in which we test at various competitions and vending venues last year. We had much success with them and plan on building the line to market in early 2013. We started a BBQ vending business called Chaddy Daddy’s BBQ Shack and a competition team named The Meat Fairy.

Here are some pictures of our most recent work….Check us out on our website: Humphrey’s BBQ Store

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sully's Damn Dip! - Second Edition

This just come to my inbox on FB from Sully himself:

"The Dam Dip is different every time we make it..
I can give you the basic recipe and you can make
changes as you see fit..

1st layer is chili, We use hormel hot with beans.
cheap and a decent canned chili. We do add hot sauce
and other stuff to the chili layer

2nd layer is cream cheese. I find I like Philly Cream cheese
over store brand.. your choice..

3rd layer is Salsa We use at least three different kinds
of salsa, I like Mrs. Renfo green chili to be one of the
salsa's.. you can use what ever you want

4th layer is shredded cheese... We like a mix of mozzarella & provolone mix..

You can then top with hot sauce & some rub. Sometimes we will top the Dam Dip with hot peppers..

I cook the dip on a 22" weber.. I make an off set fire and spin the pan until the whole pan is bubbly, the top layer of is almost gone melted.. that way the cream cheese is no longer cream becomes a
liquid powder..

We also at a few of DR.Gonzo's products in the Dam Dip
he is a very good friend and makes some amazing pepper mashes
here is is web site he does mail order
Be sure to tell him Sully sent you.. "

Ok, Now I'm hungry!

Sully's Damn Dip!

You all know the New England voice of BBQ. You know when he pulls in and cruises the field of team by the bellow he shouts....BBBBARRRRRRR BEEEEEE QUEEEEE! You got it Mike Sullivan aka Sully. He's also famous for another reason. DAMN DIP! Now, I have not had the pleasure of trying this "heavenly" dip yet (only because it's all scoffed up by the time I hear it's made an appearance) but the word is "It's to die for". It is so good even the Canadians drool over it as Danielle Bennett Dimovski (Miss Diva Q herself) quoted on her facebook page: "its super duper special made by an awesome crew of folks they put magical stuff in it and it appears only under the cloak of moonlight at select BBQ competitions.

Well I have searched and searched to find the low down on this marvelous dip and this is what I've found. I heard that the recipe was posted on the KCBS Bull Sheet. I even found some pictures and a review of it on the forum .

Sully's Dam Dip

2-15oz cans hormel hot chili
2-8oz pkg cream cheese
Dirty dicks Hot pepper sauce
6 oz Dr.Gonzos hot pepper mash...
8oz Mrs renfros Habanero salsa
8oz Paul Newman hot salsa
8 oz shredded mozz/provolone
jap ring optional

Instead of hormel chile used homemade red chile with smoked brisket cubes...Spread chile on bottom cast iron..Sprinkle dirty dicks hot pepper sauce...Break up cream cheese and spread over that..spread 1/2 jar Dr.gonzos supermash.. over that...Spread salsa over that..cover with cheese...

Grill 20-30 minutes offset style until dip bubbling....and serve with tortilla chips.

Now if that doesn't leave your mouth watering, I don't know what will!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Western Maine BBQ Festival

Here is the Humphrey's Chips and Chunks Order Form. Please email us for details. These awesome prices are for teams and judges only.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Exciting News!

Humphrey’s Chips and Chunks has been super busy this year with last quarter being our best since we’ve been in business for almost 7 years now. Our inventory keeps growing as we find more species of wood to be able to offer. With this said, we were faced with a very tough decision: to focus our efforts in continuing to grow the chips and chunks along with spreading awareness of how to use wood with barbequing or to continue to be a supplier of Humphrey’s Charcoal. It is with mixed emotions that we have decided to stop carrying the charcoal and to focus on the wood. This will allow us more room in our warehouse for processing the wood into varies sizes and products. With this said we wanted to make sure that you were going to be able to still get Humphrey’s charcoal at an affordable prices. You can do just that at Humphrey’s corporate website: www. You can still get pallets of lump for 279.00 + shipping. If you live in New England your shipping will be approx 100.00 - 125.00 a pallet. This still makes the 20lb bags approx $13.00 a bag.
We appreciate all of your support in the past and we look forward to working with in future. Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line and let us know what you would like to see for wood and metal products. You can contact me at and you can reach Chad at and you can always find us on facebook at the BBQ Specialist.