Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sully's Damn Dip!

You all know the New England voice of BBQ. You know when he pulls in and cruises the field of team by the bellow he shouts....BBBBARRRRRRR BEEEEEE QUEEEEE! You got it Mike Sullivan aka Sully. He's also famous for another reason. DAMN DIP! Now, I have not had the pleasure of trying this "heavenly" dip yet (only because it's all scoffed up by the time I hear it's made an appearance) but the word is "It's to die for". It is so good even the Canadians drool over it as Danielle Bennett Dimovski (Miss Diva Q herself) quoted on her facebook page: "its super duper special made by an awesome crew of folks they put magical stuff in it and it appears only under the cloak of moonlight at select BBQ competitions.

Well I have searched and searched to find the low down on this marvelous dip and this is what I've found. I heard that the recipe was posted on the KCBS Bull Sheet. I even found some pictures and a review of it on the forum .

Sully's Dam Dip

2-15oz cans hormel hot chili
2-8oz pkg cream cheese
Dirty dicks Hot pepper sauce
6 oz Dr.Gonzos hot pepper mash...
8oz Mrs renfros Habanero salsa
8oz Paul Newman hot salsa
8 oz shredded mozz/provolone
jap ring optional

Instead of hormel chile used homemade red chile with smoked brisket cubes...Spread chile on bottom cast iron..Sprinkle dirty dicks hot pepper sauce...Break up cream cheese and spread over that..spread 1/2 jar Dr.gonzos supermash.. over that...Spread salsa over that..cover with cheese...

Grill 20-30 minutes offset style until dip bubbling....and serve with tortilla chips.

Now if that doesn't leave your mouth watering, I don't know what will!

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  1. I would cook it a little longer your only had bubblage on the edge.
    you want bubblage in the middle too.. when you do that the cream cheese will change into something else which is wicked yummy. I use an offset fire so i can move the Dam Dip around