Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sully's Damn Dip! - Second Edition

This just come to my inbox on FB from Sully himself:

"The Dam Dip is different every time we make it..
I can give you the basic recipe and you can make
changes as you see fit..

1st layer is chili, We use hormel hot with beans.
cheap and a decent canned chili. We do add hot sauce
and other stuff to the chili layer

2nd layer is cream cheese. I find I like Philly Cream cheese
over store brand.. your choice..

3rd layer is Salsa We use at least three different kinds
of salsa, I like Mrs. Renfo green chili to be one of the
salsa's.. you can use what ever you want

4th layer is shredded cheese... We like a mix of mozzarella & provolone mix..

You can then top with hot sauce & some rub. Sometimes we will top the Dam Dip with hot peppers..

I cook the dip on a 22" weber.. I make an off set fire and spin the pan until the whole pan is bubbly, the top layer of is almost gone melted.. that way the cream cheese is no longer cream becomes a
liquid powder..

We also at a few of DR.Gonzo's products in the Dam Dip
he is a very good friend and makes some amazing pepper mashes
here is is web site he does mail order
Be sure to tell him Sully sent you.. "

Ok, Now I'm hungry!


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