Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Get more from your Charcoal.....

There’s always a debate going on over the type of charcoal to use, Lump vs Briquettes. Royal Oak, Cowboy, Humphrey’s, or Wicked Good. Regardless the type or brand name there is one thing in common. How to get the most out of your charcoal? Most BBQ masters will buy a cooker based on how long it takes to burn through a bag of charcoal. What if I told you that Humphrey’s BBQ came up with a tool to help the burn time of Charcoal Briquettes/Lump and Wood! Our T-Charcoal Maze will do the trick. These were specially designed with a few things in mind.

1. Burn Time
2. Loading in the most amount of Charcoal in your firebox
3. Being able to use different sources of Fuel
4. Will fit most any smoker fire box.
Order a set today at www.HumphreyBBQstore.com


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