Friday, April 2, 2010

The Bayou Dirt Seasoning

Let’s get dirty with Todd’s Dirt. We received a care package from Todd that had his Crabby Dirt, Original Dirt and the Bayou Dirt. We decided to start out with the Bayou.


Upon our first dry taste we found the flavor to be in three very even stages. The first stage was a red pepper flavor that made our tongues twinge will glee. This was followed by a very nice herby flavor. This made a nice transition into the next bit of heat that hit us in the back of the throat. This was a nice change since most of the rubs that we have recently reviewed have been either very salty or sugary. This was a nice change.

The website notes that this gourmet seasoning has 16 spices with no MSG and is Gluten free. It notes that the spicy Creole burn will linger in your mouth. My partner will have to agree. About 5 minutes after the dry test, he said “Wow, I still feel the heat in my chest.” The heat isn’t the type that will make your eyes water. It gives you a warm feeling inside.

The price for the 3.25oz bottle of this seasoning is $5.00. I think this a little bit on the high side compared to other rubs that we’ve been getting in. However, I do believe that it is well worth the price.

We opted to rub this on some chicken legs and baked them in the oven. We sprinkled a liberal amount on both sides of the legs and let it sit for about 5 minutes. We baked the legs for 45mins at 400 degrees. The skin was heavenly, crispy with a very even flavor. I did find that after this spice was cooked, it did loose a little of it heat, but still offered up that red peppery flavor. It was truly the perfect spice for blackened chicken.

We found the consistency to be somewhat granular with flakes of herbs. We believe that this would not work well with a traditional injector. It would probably get clogged. However we do feel that the flavor would be great to add to an injection mixture and then strained prior to injecting.

Visit us again soon to view the review of Todd’s Original and Crabby Dirt. We’re planning on making: Dirty Pork Meatballs! & Dirty Cedar Planked Crabby Salmon!

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