Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Beer Belly BBQ - Now open

In the town of Freeport, Maine right on route 1 is a new bbq store called Beer Belly BBQ. It's literally right down the street from LL Bean. Owner, Tanner Kennedy's goal is to provide BBQ enthusiasts with a one stop shop for all of their supplies. He carries many brands of sauces and rubs, grilling accessories, Humphrey's lump and natural briquettes, Chips and Chunks. He is also a professional silk screener. His prices are very fair. Here are some pictures of his store.

Recently, Tanner came to us with a new rig that he purchased from a hamburger and hot dog vendor. It had two large grills, three propane burners, and a giant box that was used to transport supplies. Tanner's vision was simple: PIG SMOKER! He wanted us to modify this rig and turn one of the grills into a heat source box, and turn the supply box into a pit that would be suitable for a pig. His goal is to be able to rent this out. He already has a few weekends booked, so I would call him ASAP and book this for your next outdoor party. All we have left to do is to paint it.

You can visit Tanner by joining his facebook page: Beer Belly BBQ


  1. Very nice write up. Good luck with the shop Tanner!

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