Friday, September 25, 2009

2009 Harvard Fall Festival

I can't believe it's already Friday. It’s been a week since we left to go set up for the festival. We got home on Sunday and hit the ground running since. I apologize for just getting around posting about the competition.
Besides the very brisk air, overall it was a beautiful weekend. This really brought the crowd out Saturday night for the U2 tribute band and the really great fireworks.
As far as the Humphrey Teams: We did GREAT! We all know how great Humphrey Charcoal is and the hat trick that we pulled off for People’s Choice – Chicken on Saturday proved it. Bone Daddy’s got 3rd, Mighty Swine got 2nd and Lunchmeat for 1st. Mighty Swine Dining (our newest sponsored team) also got 1st in People’s Choice – Pulled Pork and 5th overall. Charlie said “finally all the practicing paid off”. Congratulations!

Here are the overall for the Competition:
GC - Ique
RGC - I Smell Smoke
3rd -Lakeside Smokers
4th -Uncle Jed's BBQ
5th - Mighty Swine Dining

I also have to give a big shout out to Lunchmeat who placed 7th and Feeding Friendz who placed 10th out of 42 teams. Great job everyone!

Here are some great pictures of the weekend.
Our newest sponsored team!

A custom sign that we made for their brickman.

Chunk, one of the cutest this weekend. For some reason when he was posing for the camera he kept showing his back end.

Bone Daddy's Pulled Pork! Thanks for the hot peppers guys. Great stuff!

Bone Daddy's : These guys got a few calls this weekend also. 3rd for People's choice chicken. After being speechless, Frank said "they threw a bunch of stuff together and that's what they got". They also got called for 4th place KCBS chicken.

Team Lunchmeat. Look at all the Humphrey Charcoal.....I can hear Sully now "BAAAHHHBEQUE !!!"...

Our favorite team. Smokin' Hoggz. These guys are the nicest group. Don't hesitate to stop and talk with them the next time you see them in the circuit! Awesome Chili, Bill!

This is Randy....Need I say more.

I just want to give a final thank you to
Wendy and Tim at Feed Friendz
Sandy and her Hubby at Boneyard Smokers
Sully and his crew at Team Lunchmeat
Frank and Dave with Bone Daddy's
Bill, Shaune, and their crew with Smokin Hoggz
Charlie and Alan at Might Swine Dining

Now I must get back to work designing all the custom signs and brands that we got orders from. See ya at the next event!

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