Friday, September 4, 2009

Football season is here!

What goes hand in hand with Football? TAILGATE PARTIES! Here is the perfect check-list for your next tailgate party.

Following are the basic necessities for a successful tailgate party. Some are for the typical everyday tailgater, others are for the serious hardcore tailgaters. You know who you are. Pack accordingly.

-Bungie cords/rope (to secure tent, rain tarp or flag)
-Table cloth
-Gas or Humphrey Charcoal & lighter fluid
-Matches or lighter
-Cooking utensils (spatula to flip burgers, cooking fork to stab brats, cooking spoon to stir chili, a good kitchen knife, etc.)
-Utensils to serve food with, as well as those to eat with
-Cooking pans/pots
-Oven mitts, apron
-Water (to drink or douse flame right before kick off)
-Trash bags
-Paper towels/napkins/wet ones
-Bottle opener/can opener/wine opener
-Plates, cups
-First aid kit
-Fire extinguisher
-Flag, flag pole, flag pole holder
-Radio/TV/boom box
-Plastic storage bags
-Football, frisbee, playing cards, games
-Serving tray(s)
-Condiments: buns, cheese, onions, mushrooms, barbecue sauce, salt, pepper, hot stuff, ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, cheese, pickles, onions, miscellaneous toppings, etc.
-Rain gear/poncho
-Non-alcoholic beverages (iced tea, fruit juices, soda)
-Kerosene heater
-Alcoholic beverages (beer, margaritas, OJ, vodka, etc.)
-Sun block
-Game tickets
-Themed decorations

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