Friday, February 19, 2010

BBQ Season is upon us!

For most of us, BBQ season is all year long. We'll have a special winter spot for our grill: in the driveway. This way it's sure to be shoveled out. We will cook outside in rain wind and snow. I guess we're the mailmen of BBQ :)~ Check this picture out of Chad, the specialist, cooking up some dinner for us in a snow storm.

All I know is it's the middle of February and the snow here is already melting. They are saying mud season is upon us and they are already posting the roads. I think Punxsutawney Phil got this year wrong because we've already had temperatures above 50. I can smell the grass growing already. We might actually have tulips up before Easter up here in Maine. I think it's great.
So for all of you that still have your grill or smoker buried in the snow, it's time to get them out and clean them up because spring is near.

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