Thursday, August 13, 2009

Do you love the taste of food cooked over a charcoal fire but don’t like idea of using a product with actual “coal” in it?

I know I love grilling over a charcoal fire. The smell, taste of the food, and just that type of heat alone takes me back to my time growing up, family functions, or just being out back with my father when he stoked up our old charcoal grill. The food just tasted better!

Today most of us are looking for a healthier way to do things and really watch what we put into our bodies. For a lot of people the idea of cooking over a charcoal fire using a product that consist of scrap wood, hardwood chunks and coal dust just doesn’t sound all that appetizing! Well there is good news, Humphrey’s Charcoal now has a 100% natural product that consist of hardwood chunks and instead of using coal dust, it uses a 100% natural binding agent that is even consumable when further processed. The actual mixture of course is an industry trade secret but was shared with us so we could verify the information. The 100% Natural Briquettes are uniform in shape and have a similar appearance to traditional charcoal but without any of the additives. The briquettes light relatively easy in a chimney starter or with an organic fire starter pack.

If you want to recreate those memories of cooking over a charcoal fire for your family but don’t want to use a product with coal dust in it we recommend Humphrey’s 100% Natural Hardwood Briquettes.

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