Sunday, August 2, 2009

The prices are down it’s a good time to grill up some lobster!

The combination of hearing about the Maine Lobster Festival in Rockland, Maine happening this weekend and the price of Maine Lobster being the lowest I have seen it in years if not decades prompted me to go ahead and try grilling up some lobsters. Now most of us have probably had lobster cooked one or two ways and the most common is the traditional boiling. Here’s how we went about grilling some up!

Lobster is just about available anywhere now a days. You can go to your local supermarket, fish market and even some variety (convenience) stores and end up being able to buy yourself a couple lobsters. Here in Maine we kind of have an advantage, and with the price and demand being low, the lobstermen are selling right off their boats on the sides of the road, that fresh! Soft shells are in season now and that is what we ended up with and the following is the procedure we used in our preparation.

1. Line your grill with aluminum foil
2. Pre-Heat your gas grill to a temp. of approx. 450 or prepare your charcoal fire to the same temperature.
3. Melt some butter on either your side burner or on your stove top. Use caution to not over heat, or burn the butter. Another thing you can try is infusing the butter with different spices or items to add flavor.
4. Place the lobster on its back.
5. Insert a sharp knife between the tail and the body to cut the spinal cord
6. Split the lobster in half and clean out the entrails and digestive track
7. Coat the lobster with the melted butter (use caution melted butter burns very badly!)
8. Remove the elastic bands from the lobster claws because they may melt under the heat
9. Place the lobster on the aluminum foil on the grill with the flesh side down.
10. Cook the lobster until the meat starts to firm and get cooked marks. (Lobster meat is very gelatin like until it is cooked.)
11. Add more butter to the lobster and place back on the foil with the meat still down, cook until meat is firm.
12. The claws seemed to take a couple minutes longer to cook than the body so we removed the claws and cooked them for about 3 more minutes by themselves.

Serve the lobster with the remainder of melted butter for dipping and enjoy! Believe it or not a really good side with lobster is rippled potato chips! Try it.

If you have cooked up any shellfish on your grill let us know, we are always looking for new things to cook!

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