Friday, July 24, 2009

Trash Can Chicken

If you never have had the popular growing trash can chicken, you must try it. It will be the most moist and juicy bird that you've ever had. Here are step by step instructions.

Step #1 Buy an Apple Wood Chicken Roaster at Country Lodge Gifts

Step #2 You’ll also need a metal barrel, a bag of charcoal, and lighter fluid.

Step #3 Prepare your chicken. Rub a light coat of EVOO and sprinkle with your favorite poultry seasonings.

Step #4 Get your charcoal going so that it’s good and hot.

Step #5 Place the metal barrel over the chicken

Step #6 Surround the base of the barrel with the hot white coals. Cover the top of the barrel with hot coals.

Step #7 Cook a 10 pound bird for 50-60 minutes. Cook a 15-20 pound bird for 65-90 minutes.Check doneness with a meat thermometer.

Step #8 Carve and Enjoy!

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